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Bringing the outside, in.

Double Glazed Windows Melbourne

VUE produces high performing uPVC window designs from REHAU that are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. They lend an element of style complimented by functionality for a solution that fits the needs and expectations of homeowners who want the most from their windows. European technology and systems to suit Australian demands.

Designed to increase the insulation within our customer’s homes our double-glazed windows are able to withstand the Melbourne climate. Capable of keeping the heat in while also preventing chilled winter air from coming into the home our double-glazed windows have the capability of reducing your heating expenses, ensuring that you are not left out of pocket

Windows - Awnings and Casement

Awnings & Casement

Anything but ordinary! Evolving a tried but true window concept into an elegant, high-performance design. This window ha seen a sharp global upward trend in recent years.

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Architectural WIndows

Architectural Windows

HIA Award winning expertise and an innovative spirit has made VUE a leading service provider for creative solutions to your design demands. The perfect blend of a quality certified local company backed by REHAU, a global premium brand.

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Sliding Windows


Simplicity is one of the beauties of a sliding window. A single-slider allows one sash to slide past the other which is fixed, all within a single frame. In a double-slider, the left and right sashes slide past each other.

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Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn

Flexible opening options for a wide variety of applications.

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Energy Efficient Windows Melbourne

At VUE Windows we are passionate about improving the condition and quality of buildings across Melbourne’s metropolitan area. While windows can bring the outdoors inside without bringing in the outdoor environment. Our energy-efficient windows can be installed across Melbourne with ease and efficiency. Custom-designed to seamlessly fit window spaces of varying sizes you will notice the difference once our energy-efficient windows have been placed in your property.

For over 30 years the passionate team at VUE Windows have improved the condition, appearance, and décor of domestic spaces throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan region. Committed to being Melbourne’s one-stop window shop VUE Windows has got all of your window needs covered with our noise reduction windows, window replacement services, and UPVC windows ready for installation in Doncaster, Malvern, Brighton, Canterbury, and other Melbourne suburbs. To arrange a consultation with our window experts call us on 1300 786 673.