Material of Choice

The Benefits of uPVC - The REHAU Formula

VUE is a quality certified local company backed by the leading and innovative REHAU brand. REHAU’s proprietary uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) formulation and extrusion process make window & door frames that deliver superior performance, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

PVC’s unique properties make it the material of choice for many applications, including commercial and residential construction. It outlasts and out-performs alternative materials like aluminum, which can corrode from exposure to weather and pollution.

 REHAU uPVCAluminiumWood
Thermal InsulationVery good. Heat losses are reduced due to wider profile depth & multi chamber section and low K value.Poor. Being a metal it has a poor thermal insulation, and high thermal conductivityFair
Eco-friendlinessExcellentRequire 7.5 times the energy than that required to manufacture uPVC.-
MaintenanceVery low maintenance requiredLow maintenance required. Corrodes easily.Require regular painting & polishing
Sound35% better insulationFairFair



Double Glazing - Performace + Durability

Keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer! The initial cost over time outweighs the power bills.

The benefits of Double Glazing and glass type makes it a clear winner for more reasons than one. The proven REHAU single-leg design is the key to safe and easy glazing.

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Energy Efficient

Love to reduce escalating power bills?
With up to 40% of a home’s energy for cooling or heating being lost or gained through windows, improving their thermal performance is vital to reduce energy costs and Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Vue Window Systems have inherent thermal insulation features like our unbeatable multi-chambered profile and twin weather seals between the frame and sash. The proven REHAU single-leg design is also the key to safe and easy glazing.

Our world-class windows further enhanced with double-glazing can easily help achieve a 6 Star Energy Rating.

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Noise Reduction

Highly effective dual compression gaskets cause tightness of windows and doors, leading to excellent sound insulation!

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Sustainability & Durable

REHAU uPVC Windows and Doors are made of weather-proof material RAU-PVC 1476. They need no special handling and have a long life. The formulation RAU-PVC 1476 is specially developed to protect the profiles against hard UV-radiation found in many parts of Australia and New Zealand. This means special protection against discolouring, distortion and shrinkage of the profiles due to extreme conditions in hot environments and high UV climates.

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The Rehau Advantage

VUE offers you the best-
the REHAU global brand appeal
with local broad-based support

Why REHAU Window Systems?

VUE can offer you the strength and assurance of such a world-leading brand of polymer‐based solutions. REHAU needs no introduction among those familiar with proven quality German engineering. You’ll discover in REHAU a future-oriented and reliable partner with a width and depth of expertise second to none.

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vuewindows - colour range    

Designer Colours

With a wide range of colours and multiple configurations to choose from, our windows visually enhance both the interiors and the facade of any home. REHAU have a standard range of window profiles with lamination and uses only foils that are specially engineered to withstand extreme UV radiation. The beautiful woodgrain finishes as well as the plain colours do not warp, flake or peel. There is no need for painting anymore.

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