Simplistic Sliders

Sliding Windows

Simplicity is one of the beauties of a sliding window. A single-slider allows one sash to slide past the other which is fixed, all within a single frame. In a double-slider, the left and right sashes slide past each other.

Product Description

Vue Windows uses the REHAU Euro-Design Slide S920.


  • With standard 2-track 60mm frame and a 3-track stacking frame that satisfies most requirements for sliding windows
  • Use of special design aluminium rail together with the use of premium quality rollers to provide a smooth and light operation movements of the sashes and also for longer lasting usage
  • Multi-chambered profile designed for effective thermal and acoustic insulation
  • 8mm overlap between frame and sash to provide optimal energy saving, prevention of water infiltration and dust penetration
  • Optimal wall thickness designed to ensure durability and safety for glass installation
  • Inboard Eurogroove designed to enhance security measures
  • Design optimization of reinforcement chamber for resistant performance to high wind pressure
  • Internally glazed for added security
  • Material formulated to undertake severe climatic AUSTRALIAN regions
  • Glazing possibility of thickness from 4 mm to 24mm

Technical Specification

S920 REHAU-Euroslide-Design Sliding System
Frame 2 & Sash 1 – Sliding Window