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Noise Reduction Windows

Highly effective dual compression gaskets cause tightness of windows and doors, leading to excellent sound insulation!

Whether it’s from traffic, aircraft, trains, factories or even neighbours, unwanted noise can spoil the comfort of your home. Committed to improving the comfort of homeowners living throughout Melbourne VUE Windows stocks a number of flawlessly-produced noise reduction windows to keep the noise out of your living space.

Vue Windows have been designed with acoustic performance in mind and come standard with features such as double silicon compression seals, multi-chambered profiles and all windows and doors can be double glazed. With the right glass combinations sound reduction of up 44dB is achievable.

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The facts about noise, windows and sound proofing

As a general rule, increasing mass will improve sound insulation. Brick and concrete walls have stronger sound insulating values because they are of greater mass when compared to glass used in windows. We need windows to see through, to provide natural daylight and enhance a building's look and appeal, the need for greater sound control when using windows becomes more important.

Sound originates from something that vibrates which generates changes in air pressure. FREQUENCY is used to refer to the number of vibrations or changes in air pressure per second. Committed to improving the condition of our customer’s properties we can replace your current windows with our double-glazed variety. Whether you live in Doncaster, Malvern, Brighton, Canterbury or anywhere in between you can trust the team at VUE Windows. To learn more about our customised noise reduction windows please feel free to contact us directly on 1300 786 673.

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